Festival party

29.04, Friday 11pm
Haapsalu Kuursaal

In order to contain all of the terror and violence of HÕFF within the the walls of our movie theatres and spare the people of Haapsalu from emotionally overdosed festival-goers, we invite you to rehabilitate at the grand jubilee party of HÕFF, which takes place for the second time in the über-chic Haapsalu Kuursaal. It’s a good opportunity to chat with film people whose creation caught your eye, debate over tastes or just dance, dance, dance…

The DJ-s:

Sander Mölder (TIKS)

Nikolajev (JÄCK)

Kersten Kõrge (Monopol Entertainment)

Kask (JÄCK)


The VJ:

GIF Visuals


Ticket 5.-

 has some special surprises at the bar and   will offer the special hand-made brew.